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Brian J. Williams Sr.

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We have all been wronged by people in our lives at some point: family members, friends, bosses, even complete strangers. Most of us carry around the hurt and resentment, which can rob us of joy, ruin our future relationships and affect us emotionally, physically and spiritually. But our guest today, author Brian Williams Sr. shows how to overcome the bitterness and anger in order to free your soul and begin living life again, to the fullest. Brian is an elder and administrator at Victory and Christian Center in Philadelphia PA and president of three successful businesses. He joins to talk about his book, “OVERCOMING OFFENSES: TEN STEPS FOR HEALING YOUR OFFENDED SOUL” so it is our pleasure to welcome Brian Williams Sr. to our show.

Brian Williams was born in Delaware County, PA on May 15th, 1969. He is the youngest of the three children born to Joanne and Alvin Williams. Brian was educated by the Philadelphia Public School System. He graduated from John Bartram High School in June of 1987.

Out of high school he continued faithfully working as a stock person and eventually promoted and trained into the white collar position of a Lighting Estimator at the young age of twenty.

Known in the streets of Philadelphia as a drug dealer and womanizer, Brian's sins finally caught up with him and landed him in the county jail in November of 1995. With sorrow in his heart and a desire to be forgiven, Brian accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into his heart on New Year's Eve, December 31st , 1995 at 11:45pm.

After serving two years in the state penitentiary, his bible boot camp, he immediately obeyed the Lord and went to Victory Christian Center of Philadelphia and submitted his life to his father in the gospel, Bishop Jimmie A. Ellis, III.

In 2001, Brian became a Deacon at Victory Christian Center where he continued to serve. Knowing he was called into the ministry, Brian was confirmed and licensed as a Minister in 2006. In 2008, Brian was confirmed by his faithful work for the Lord and installed as an Elder.

Elder Brian has served in various positions such as the Captain of the Ushers to now serving on the Administration Board with his pastor, where he oversees three major ministries of the church. He is also a marriage counselor and department head of the 4 Runners for Christ Evangelism Ministry.

Elder Brian is a 2004 alumni and currently a teacher at The School of The Word Bible Institute located in Philadelphia . He has taught various subjects as Prophetic Evangelism, Defense of the Faith, Leadership Principles of Jesus and Basic Bible Doctrine.

Elder Brian has received recognition for being the Customer Service Superstar by the MHEDA Magazine in 2002 and Father of the Year in 2007.

He is married to his high school sweet-heart, Pamela, known to him as “Precious” in 2000. He is successfully fathering his three children, Brian Jr., Timothy, and Brianna.

Brian is the president of two successful lighting businesses which he began in 2005 & 2006.

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