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James R. Welter

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Here is today’s question…”Are you looking for a shortcut to really knowing Jesus?” We all know that the Bible is the best place to start. To really know Jesus, we must reflect on scripture and share our personal experiences. To encounter Jesus we must ask the questions: Who is my neighbor? What must I do? When did we see you hungry? Where were you when my loved one died? And we must struggle with the answers. Today we are going to talk about the great book, “Come Next Spring: Scripture Reflections of Promise and Hope.” Author James R. Welter’s personal and often poignant gospel reflections encourage readers of all denominations to understand the events of their daily lives in light of the teachings of Jesus. Jim combines wisdom and wit with a passion for Scripture. Jim has the ability to combine the insights of a Biblical scholar with the comforting perspective of a person speaking from his own life experience. It is our pleasure to welcome to Your Life Matters James R. Welter.


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