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Chris Tomlinson

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Here is today’s question…”What do you crave?”. Some people crave ice cream late at night, others crave the taste of their mother’s home made cooking, while others crave something more lasting like love, a good spouse and a relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. We all have cravings. Some will vanish quickly others will last forever. So where do cravings come from? What is the purpose of having cravings? More importantly, what do they reveal about us? Today author Chris Tomlinson will share his soul’s deepest cravings with us. He has written the book, “Crave: Wanting So Much More of God”. The book explores the realization that we all have these deep longings for significance, purpose, meaning and love. And theses all exist for a reason: to point us back to their source, which is God. It is our pleasure to welcome Chris Tomlinson to Your Life Matters.

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