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Captain Scotty Smiley

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I am going to start off with today’s question…How many times do we let something stand in the way of our dreams? Come on, be honest. I have heard most of the excuses, “I am too old to do that now”, or “I would have to work harder”, or “It would cut into my free time” and “I just do not have it in me!” We all have dreams. We all aspire to something greater than what we usually have. We usually become bitter as we get older that we did not do the things we had planned to do in life. Yet, all we had to do was start. Sounds easy right? Well for our honored guest today, he became bitter when he thought that his dreams of becoming a CEO, a Delta Force operator, or a four-star general were never going to come true. But he wasn’t being lazy. He wasn’t going to make excuses. He had this amazing determination and spirit to do everything he wanted to do and more. Sounds amazing and great right? Well he did it after losing his eyesight serving our country. We tend to forget the great sacrifices our service men and women make on a daily basis for our freedom. On our show we Never Forget! Our guest today is Captain Scotty Smiley. He is a Ranger and combat-diver qualified infantryman, was the Army’s first active-duty, blind officer and its first blind company commander. He has surfed in Hawaii, skied in Viel, skydived, climbed Mount Rainier, completed a triathlon, and graduated from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business with his MBA. The book is called “Hope Unseen”. It is our great honor to welcome a great American hero to our show, Captain Scotty Smiley.

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