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Mary Schrock

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We have seen them ride their horse and buggies throughout rural America. Many remember their signature straw hat, or beards. I am talking about the Amish community. We rarely get a good glimpse into what life is like for the Amish outside of what TV shows us. Usually the only time you even hear about the Amish is when a tragedy strikes like the one in Pennsylvania a few years back when a trucker opened fire at a children’s Amish school where children were needlessly taken from this earth for no apparent reason. Well our next guest knows the Amish community very well. She did not study the Amish way of life, she lived it for the first 26 years of her life. She and her family lived in an Old Order Amish community in both Iowa and Missouri. She and her husband left the Amish community and enter the modern world and were instantly excommunicated from their Church, friends and families. But they did find a way to now lead a Christ-centered life. In fact 2 of her children are missionaries. The book we will talk about today is titled “The Greater Inheritance.” Please welcome to Your Christian Life Matters author Mary Schrock.

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