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Pastor Steve Reynolds

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  • More and more people are doing it and more and more people are succeeding at weight loss because of it! Where do most people go for support during difficult times? To church. Why? Because they feel a fellowship, a kinship even to the people they worship with. The media labeled our next guest, Pastor Steve Reynolds “The Anti-Fat Pastor” after he lost more than 100 pounds and launched a stunningly successful weight-loss program in his church and community. In his book “Bod 4 God: 4 Keys to a Better Body” , Pastor Steve reveals the four keys that have unlocked the door to health and fitness for him and for countless others who have dedicated their bodies to God! He is the pastor Leading God’s war against obesity.

    The Bible says the flesh is weak. That’s the human aspect of who we are, our flesh. For me the flesh is particularly weak when it comes to eating and exercise. But the Bible says you won’t fulfill the lust of your flesh if you will walk in the Spirit. That means you allow God, the Holy Spirit, to control you. I was one with the Spirit when I preached, but I needed to add the Holy Spirit when I sat down to eat dinner. Here’s the deal. We sometimes have a difference between belief and behavior. I had to bring those two together. For me, the first step was to DEDICATE this aspect of my life to God totally.”

    He said God directed him to Matthew 16:24,

    "If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me."

    For Reynolds, that verse meant giving up foods that were harmful and exercising again after years of inactivity.  

    Steve Reynolds “The Anti-Fat Pastor” lost over 100 pounds and this book reveals his incredible weight loss journey through four keys to a better body. 

    Join Pastor Steve Reynolds and many others who have achieved lasting weight loss by discovering the Bod4GOD lifestyle. 

    Here’s what two medical doctors say about Bod4GOD:

    “Pastor Reynolds is a modern-day prophet who strikes at the heart of the unhealthy lifestyle of most Americans. I heartily endorse this well-written exciting book.”
    -- James M. Stern, MD, FACS (Fellowship of the American College of Surgeons) 

    “In Bod4God, Steve Reynolds launches a full-scale frontal assault in the ongoing American war against obesity. His easy-to-understand, motivating plan can help even the most sedentary couch potato and is especially effective because it uses eternal wisdom from God’s Word.”
    --Darren Baroni, MD  

    The book contains practical information on:

    ·    - Ways to motivate yourself toward healthy living

    ·    - How to tailor the plan just for you

    ·    - Fitness tips that will help you become healthier

    ·    - How your church or organization can team people up for improved health and weight loss  

    If you’re ready to get healthier and slimmer and grow closer to God at the same time, Bod4God is for you. 

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