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Marc Pittman

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Many people consider themselves to be parents. Most would probably say they were good parents as well. I truly hope that is the case. Regardless of your background, how you were brought up, who brought you up, what your personal situation was, you are a parent. A parent to a child that needs your guidance, understanding, mentoring and acceptance. I used to say there were no guides or instruction manuals before we started doing this show…but I have seen many people who have written such great books to help parents and today will be no exception. Our author was born one of 16 children. They were poor farmers. Very poor farmers. He survived, married and had a son. The son he always wanted. Today we are going to take you on a journey through a father’s eyes and memory of his sons, especially Cole. He told his boys everything, and they were honest with him in return. They unburdened their fears; told him their dreams; and even admitted their sins. Despite the fact that his sons were star football players, they felt no shame in holding their father's hand in public. People told him he was lucky to have the relationship he did with his children, but he knew the truth—it wasn't luck. He had to work at it every day. The name of the book we will be discussing today is called “Raising Cole: Developing Life’s Greatest Relationship, Embracing Life’s Greatest Tragedy – A Father’s Story”. Please welcome the author of this compelling book, Marc Pittman.

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