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Milan Church of Christ FOUND Youth Group

On May 22, 2011 a 198mph tornado ripped through Joplin, Missouri leaving in its wake over one hundred people dead and injuring over 500 more. The tornado carved a path one mile wide and six miles long. If you see the photos of the area you would believe a war had taken place with bombs ripping the town apart. The devastation will cost in excess of 3 billion dollars to repair and will take years. So when we see the devastation of our fellow Americans, our fellow Christians what do we do? Many gave money or helped collect food, water and necessities. Many people actually went to Joplin to help with the massive cleanup effort. They offered hope, inspiration to people in Joplin so that they would know that their fellow Americans, their fellow Christians did not turn their backs on them in their time of need. Today Jenn & I are doing the show on location at the Milan Indiana Church of Christ. We are with the youth group called FOUND. This remarkable group of teens just returned from four days in Joplin helping with the relief efforts. We invite you to listen to their stories, their recollections of the devastation they witnessed first-hand as well as the love they received and the hope of the residents there after losing everything including someone they knew and cared for.

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