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Carrie Keeton 

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I want to begin today’s show by reading a line directly out of the book we will speak about today…”Addictions cause so much pain and destruction in people’s lives, not only to the person struggling with the addiction, but also to friends and family members. In spite of many prayers and tearful repentance, the anger remained with numerous unanswered questions “Why God am I being punished?” Today’s question is could you handle your spouse being addicted to alcohol for 37 years? Who would you turn to for guidance and strength? For our guest today it was God. Today we will be talking about the amazing book “REMEMBERING TRUE LOVE: A story about a woman’s heartfelt prayers among thorns of addiction”. I am going to let the author tell you about the book as it’s her life story. It is our pleasure to welcome to Your Christian Life Matters Show author Carrie Keeton.

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