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Bradford Keeney, Ph.D.

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Today we are going to talk about the Kalahari Bushmen of southern Africa. I do not need to ask today’s question as I am sure that most of you are already asking who these people are. I will let our guest tell you but I will say that they are the keepers of the world’s oldest living culture. They have survived for over 100,000 years with joy and peace—yet their spiritual teachings, the source of their enduring wisdom, have never been fully presented. The show today is about religion though you may not think so from what I have presented so far. I want you to site back as we go on a journey…a journey for total bliss. The book we will be discussing is called “The Bushman Way of Tracking God.” Our guest today is an author, professor, psychotherapist, a systems theorist, a healer and called “the Mojo Doctor”. Please welcome to Your Christian Life Matters Dr. Bradford Keeney.

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