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Gold City
Gospel Quartet

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   Our next guest, along with his Gospel quartet has spread God’s ministry now for 30 years. They have won over 60 Music Fan awards and numerous SGN Music Awards.  They are one of Christian music's best-known and well-loved entertainers. With their 2008 release of the CD “Moment of Truth” it marks 41 releases since 1984. Please help us welcome Daniel Riley of the Gold City Gospel Quartet to our show.

The discovery of gold in Dahlonega, Georgia in 1828 set off the first major gold rush in America. It also inspired the name for Gold City, one of Christian music's best-known and well-loved entertainers. Gold City continues the tradition set forth by the group's founders in 1980 with the release of their new album "Moment of Truth."

The latest CD is the first project the new configuration of singers has recorded together. It reflects the varied influences the men have had in their lives, including gospel, country and blues, while maintaining what Gold City fans have come to expect from the award-winning quartet: -- modern, relevant songs with tight four-part harmonies that lift and inspire the listener.

"I'm not interested in reinventing the wheel," says group leader Daniel Riley. "The truth of the matter is that this group is younger, we have different tastes; without completely reinventing the music we've done through the years, we're trying to put our own twist into what Gold City has always been. We don't plan on changing the style of the group completely, but we want to break the old mold and make a new one that we are more comfortable in."

Daniel took over the southern gospel group from his father, Tim Riley, when he retired just a few years ago. Daniel has brought together a stellar group of singers and entertainers in Gold City's current structure: Josh Cobb, tenor; Bruce Taliaferro, lead; Tim Riley, bass; and Daniel on baritone. They have a full-time pianist, Roy Webb, and carry a full band on select dates.

Daniel's father joined the group, then based in Dahlonega, Georgia, as its bass singer back in the summer of 1980. That was when Floyd Beck evolved a group from Mississippi called the Christianairs into Gold City, taking the name from a quartet his father had led back in the 40s. After Beck died in 1984, Tim moved everyone to his hometown, Gadsden, Alabama, where it continues to be based.

The group has had major success over the years with many of its members going on to solo careers or starting other groups. Among those were Brian Free, Mike Lefevre, Ivan Parker, Mark Trammell, Jonathan Wilburn, Jay Parrack and others. Each specific group of men has spread the gospel through the music they recorded and performed.

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