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Jason Deierlein

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Our guest is author, speaker and a true inspiration Jason Deierlein. At age 16 popular swimming star Jason was in a horrible car accident and in a coma facing some of life toughest challenges to survive and life a normal life. We bring you Jason & his story about the book "Return From A Comatose Mind".

In lean, evocative prose, Deierlein describes what it feels like not to be able to see or speak or move. His dreams while in the coma were rich and strange, sometimes of swimming sometimes of bright vivid imagery. Jason mentally teetered on the edge of the razor thin line separating life and death until his miraculous awakening. Return From A Comatose Mind chronicles Jason experiences while in a coma and his long road to recovery. Deierlein doesn’t just describe the event, he asks – and attempts to answer – the important questions that will resonate with every reader. How do you live after a terrible accident? How do you find the strength to go through recovery? Deierlein was sustained by trusting in God, and the realization that God helps those who help themselves. He also began to appreciate all that he had and to realize that many other people had so much less. A beautifully written account of what it’s like to be in a coma and an inspiring and thoughtful examination of how one man overcame his misfortune. Return From A Comatose Mind is a journey through the soul and a must read for any student of the human condition.

Jason Deierlein’s account of his return from a tragic car accident has one clear message: Be grateful for what you have. The author was a star athlete and a good student, but one poor decision put him on the wrong end of an eighteen wheeler, and in a coma for seven weeks. The dreams he remembers from his coma, coupled with his very thought-provoking conclusions about those dreams, all point towards appreciating what you have been given. While not as polished as something from a professional writer, the story is clearly and honestly told, and can be an inspiration to anyone recovering from serious disease or injury. Hats off to the author for having the strength to share his story.

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