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Peter Cropsey

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Today I want to take our listeners a little out of their comfort zone. I want you to think about the homeless man or woman you see walking the streets, panhandling for money, sleeping in a cardboard box. I want you to think about the teen runaway who was sexually molested when she was younger and is now a drug addicted prostitute. I want you think about the convicts you see and gang members. I want you to think about the heroin addict sitting in an abandoned doorway shooting up to get his fix. Why are they where they are at? What has happened to them in life to make them end up that way? Do you think they are a lost cause? Can they ever turn their lives around? Well if you had met our next guest before 1987 you may have said he never could as well. Prior to that he stole everything he drove, lived in Motels and gang clubhouses, shot dope every day and never stepped outside without a pistol. What makes this story different is that he turned his life around. His transformation and healing through Christ's atonement and the guidance of God's Word is truly remarkable. The book is called “Dead Man Waking”. Please welcome pastor, custom motorcycle builder, cattle rancher and co-founder of a men’s treatment center Peter Cropsey.

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