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Janice Chamberlain

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So let’s start right off with today’s question, “If you were a female, would you want to work in an all male prison as a teacher? Would you switch jobs with her?” Many people right now are saying “No way!” But today I want you to think about this…why not? Our guest today says she thrives on the challenges of helping young inmates get their GEDs, or finally learn to read and to move past their early life disadvantages, fears and angers. The book we will be discussing today is called, “LOCKED UP WITH SUCCESS: A PRISON TEACHER’S GUIDE TO CLOSING THE ACHEIVEMENT GAP IN ANY CLASSROOM.” We have said many times on this show that there are some special people who are teachers who really care about their job and go to great lengths to help educate…I think our guest today is right up there with the best, please welcome to Your Christian Life Matters an educator, successful businesswoman and speaker Janice Chamberlain.

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