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Paul Cardall

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The beautiful music clip you heard right before our introduction is called Gracie’s Theme. It was written and recorded by our very special guest today. He is a truly remarkable individual. See our guest today was born, essentially with half a heart. He lived more than 30 years with this heart defect and had numerous procedures and surgeries. Then he was informed that his heart would not beat much longer. He had to have a heart transplant if he was to stay alive. This book gives us an intimate insight into a miraculous journey that convincingly shows that God knows us personally and that we are put here on earth for a reason. The book we are going to discuss today is called “Before My Heart Stops: A Memoir.” As you heard, he is a musician, in fact an award-winning musician and is also a popular speaker. He is a family man, husband and father. He and his wife Lynette also founded The Paul Cardall Family Foundation which helps others with congenital heart disease and other related congenital disorders. It is our honor to welcome to our show today Paul Cardall.

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