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Francie Bond

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Today, we continue our musician series with a very special guest. Her name is Francie Bond. For over 10 years now many people from Tennessee, Ohio, Illinois and right here in Indiana have had the pleasure listening to her ministry and performances at benefits, community events, retreats, Easter & Christmas programs, on the Sky Angel network in Pigeon Forge and in Marion, OH on TV 39 on the Saturday Night Live Gospel Sing which, like this show, is streamed live on the net. There is a CD available in stores titled "Livin' In The Rain". It is Francie's debut CD and includes many great songs, some of which you will hear clips of today as you just did right at the opening today. Joining her today on our show is her husband Carl. Carl writes some great gospel songs and is the manager. They have been married over 22 years! It is our honor to welcome to Your Life Matters and Your Christian Life Matters, Francie and Carl Bond.

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