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Bill Bean

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Once again we are proud to have as our guest, author Bill Bean. During his last appearance on our show he spoke about his book,  “Dark Force: The Terrifying and tragic story of the bean family”. He has personally witnessed more than his fair share of paranormal activity, both good and evil. Today, Bill joins us to speak about his brand new book, just release titled: DELIVERED: NOW IT’S TIME FOR THE REST OF THE STORY TO BE TOLD.

I was born on July 29, 1966 in Baltimore, Maryland. I have photo documentation showing something supernatural was going on in my first years of life. One photo was taken of my sister and I in 1968. The other was taken of me in 1969. [Both of these bizarre photos can be viewed in my book Delivered.] Call it a family curse or possibly a family member opening a demonic doorway. I can't say for sure, but it goes way back, because I was told that my mother endured supernatural phenomena in her childhood.

In 1970, my family moved to a Glen Burnie neighborhood called Harundale.  I was 4 years old when we settled there. Our new home was not your ordinary house. I never liked the house even from the beginning, as it was very ominous and foreboding.

There was a demonic force already living in our new house, and it was out to destroy our lives. My sister grabbed at the first opportunity to leave in 1973, and my father left us in 1975. My mother, brother and I suffered through many years of mental, physical and spiritual abuse at the hands of satan's demons.

My family believed in GOD, but we had no faith based upbringing. We never once attended Church in my childhood, and I was never baptized either. Many tragedies have occurred in my lifetime, and I have been about as low as a person can sink at times. Neither of my parents lived to the age of 50. My father was shot to death in 1987, and my mother died just several months after we left the Harundale house. She was 44 years of age and my father was 48 at the time of his death. If you read my books, you will see many other tragedies besides those.

I have experienced a plethora of paranormal activity in my adult years, and I believe it to be the same demons that contributed to the destruction of my family. I was not free from it until I got Saved. Once I had made my covenant with Jesus Christ, I was free from it. We have the victory over satan and his demons in the name and in the blood of Jesus Christ!

God has truly delivered me from evil and I want to share my story with you. I have a message of hope and victory that has helped many people and can help you with your life struggles. I want to share with the whole world, what GOD has done for me. I'm a living witness to the awesome power of GOD, and the vulgar power of satan. GOD has called me to help others in need of deliverance. I'm a non denominational Christian who believes in submerged baptism to make our covenant with Jesus. I also believe that we can cast out demons in the name of Jesus Christ. He tells so here, "Those that believe shall cast out demons." Mark 16:17. 

God loves us so much that he allowed his only begotten Son to be tortured and nailed to a cross so that we have eternal life. I want everyone to experience God's love, healing, and protection. I now have answers to all of this. They are not my answers, but the words of GOD, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. I know them to be true because I have been delivered from evil. My life's work is to

"Set The Captives Free!"

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