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Minister Mike Bartlett

In most churches, the pastor doesn't preach about it. The men won't talk about it. The women are ashamed to report it. Nobody wants to admit it goes on at all. Sometimes, just sometimes, woman to woman, one-on-one, a wife will confide in a female friend that that bruise wasn't really from hitting her eye on the cupboard door, or that she has to wear long sleeves to cover the marks where her husband grabbed her arms. Sitting in church Sunday after Sunday, one would never know that there were men that abuse their wives in the congregation, but there most certainly are. The church's silence on this matter only contributes to the problem. Women's Bible studies on Ephesians 5:22 "Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husband" KJV are legion. The principle of wifely submission is drilled into young brides so that they might never forget that their husbands are in charge.

Some men will misuse, abuse and seriously injure the woman in their life and cowardly try to give it validity by quoting scripture as justification. If you think we are kidding you, you better look and listen closely today. Domestic Abuse has been on the rise for years. It is a subject people no longer wish to talk about. Compound that with the sex scandals in the Catholic Church which seem to continue to appear and women are becoming afraid to turn to their priest, minister, rabbi for help from the abuse because "some" churches are basically telling the women that it is the man's role according to the Scriptures.

I will tell you that this outraged Jenn and Steve. They both have heard their own Pastor speak about this very subject on numerous occasions and knew the truth about what the Bible says and God's love. So they enlisted the assistance of Mike Bartlett, Pastor of the Westport Christian Church, spiritual advisor for Your Life Matters Show and personal friend of Jenn & Steve to help set the record straight once and for all.

Listen closely today and if you learned from today's show, we implore you to let your friend's know and for them to let their friend's know. Make sure they hear this interview so if EVER someone tells them differently, they will lovingly be able to correct any misconceptions.

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