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Kim Atchley

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It is a very tough decision when families have to put their loved ones in a nursing home. The family thinks long and hard over what would be best for that special one that they love. The decision is usually swayed by the obvious thought that at least they will be taken care of, watched after and given the attention they need that no one in the family can provide. So here is today’s question, “Do you really know what goes on at some facilities?” Now before you tell me Yes, I have checked, I checked references, all of which I HIGHLY recommend you do, you may not see it since you are not there 24/7. There are many incidents of abuse and neglect suffered by elderly individuals, caused by failure of the medical administrative system to uphold principles of fairness, justice, accountability, and standards of moral decency. Now please understand we are to trying to talk you out of assisted living facilities, we want you to be aware of a problem. A problem that has been around for some time, that needs to be dealt with and corrected once and for all. The book we are going to talk about today is called “The Silent Scream”. It was written by a registered nurse for 25 years, who has worked in this arena and is an experienced worker with the elderly. It is our pleasure to welcome to Your Christian Life Matters Mae Ella Wright.

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