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Sylvia Anthony

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For the past week or so, we have been talking about Domestic abuse. We have given you information on how to get out of the relationship. We spoke to Pastor Mike Bartlett about how men misread the message in the Bible about their roles and women. In both cases the message was clear, if you are being abused, get out and get out now. Many women worry where are they going to go? How will they be able to support their children? Who is going to care for their welfare and safety? Today we are about to talk to an amazing woman. Her name is Sylvia Anthony. We talk will talk about her book, “Sylvia’s Haven” which is a documentary based on Sylvia’s amazing life of accomplishments, mistakes, successes and failures. Then we will talk about “Sylvia’s Haven” which is a shelter she runs for homeless women and children. She has helped improve the lives of more than 1000+ women and children over the past 23 years. We are truly blessed to have Sylvia join us on our show today.

This is a documentary, based on Sylvia Anthony's life, of the accomplishments, mistakes, successes and failures. It tells of her loves, sins, the abuses she suffered, financial difficulties, and tyranny. Through it all, there was joy, faith, and a tenacity to go on, regardless of the circumstances, and form what is now known as "Sylvia's Haven". Beginning with her birth, it is a testimony of her uncanny memory for details as a child. The incidents of abuse by her father, and the love of her grandparents and uncles is told including the loss of two uncles. One drowned at the tender age of eighteen when Sylvia was only five years of age. Another, a grand uncle, succumbed to cancer in his early fifties when she was six years of age. Both, deep tragedies suffered by a very young girl. Her teen years are told including her first love and, later, her marriage at eighteen and a half years of age. While the marriage was a twelve and a half year disaster, it produced three beautiful children. When divorced, she tells of the re-entry of her first love into her life and, later, her marriage to her second husband. That seventeen and a half year love affair ended when her husband was consumed by cancer. However, six months before he died, he laid the foundation for, and founded with Sylvia, a shelter for homeless women and children, which Sylvia is still operating, over 21 years later, as "Sylvia's Haven". As the shelter has grown and changed over the years, the joys, sorrows, and hardships are carefully documented. It closes as Sylvia is taking on still other challenges, relying totally on God's direction, protection and love for everyone who has ever donated to, volunteered for, worked at or resided at Sylvia's Haven.  

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