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Margaret Agard

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Let me ask you today’s question, do you ever wonder what the secret is that makes someone smile and be content all the time? Bet you think it is money, success, no debt, a good job? Many in a very small group, but I will bet you that persona will change for them as well. I am talking about how you can be happy even when driving in rush hour traffic. Facing all of life’s daily challenges. How you may ask? How about if I told you by having God right by your side! Let’s get real right away. We all face struggles. Anyone who is raising or has raised a teenager will tell you about struggles. With today’s economy we stress over money, job security, losing our homes. Remember that whatever problems we face, we can be guided by Jesus Christ. We may not always understand, but ours is never to ask why or how come. If we put our complete faith and trust in the Lord we will be able to face all of life’s challenges it throws our way. Remember God Love you! He hears you! Turn to Him. He will comfort you. Only He can heal this pain! Those are powerful words, advice and comfort. Today we are going to talk about the great book, “IN HIS FOOTSTEPS: BE HAPPY IN EVREY SITUATION, FIND YOUR PURPOSE.” The author is a missionary, Christian woman, and a mother of 8. She travels the country giving seminars about finding happiness through intimate conversations with God. Please welcome Margaret Agard to our show.

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